Plain bagels: RM 19.60 (4 pcs)

Poppy seed bagels: RM 21.20 (4 pcs)

Sesame seed bagels: RM 21.20 (4 pcs)

We offer fresh and frozen bagels of your choice. All frozen bagels are pre sliced for convenience of heating and you may opt for a whole (not pre sliced) bagels for fresh ones. All our bagels takes two days to make and we are limited to 36 freshly baked bagels daily.

We try our best to find organic ingredients but I would like to point out that none of our seeds are currently organic.

Ingredients: Organic flour, organic sea salt, yeast, diastatic malt, water.

Heating instructions: For fresh ones, toast them in a toaster oven and enjoy! For frozen, pre-heat oven to 220 ºC, place bagels in oven for 3-4 minutes, or until preferred browness and crispiness. Alternatively, you can also pop your frozen bagels into a toaster oven until your desired crispiness.