Our first day of delivery!

Isn’t it exciting! Dinie went to the bakery last night to bake bagels for today! He baked some Malt Loaves too, tweaking to get it right for us. We have set on baking the bagels only on Tuesdays and Wesnesdays. For the rest of the week and weekend we would sell different type of breads.

All the bagels with seeds has a coat of egg wash for the seeds to stay, so if any of you guys are allergic to eggs, please keep that in mind ya!

The uses of Legos!

Dinie had always said to me: ‘Legos are great!” And I have always been OK with that. I mean, they cost a bomb and made of plastic, so I had been pretty reluctant to shell out money to buy them. Thankfully, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, was so kind enough to pass down a box of Lego Duplos for our children. They had a blast, built many creative things, and… We also have found a new way to use them in our work! They make amazing tray stacker! 😀 hahaha!


Bagels stacked in our fridge at home.

Today this site will be public!

OMG! Nervous! I was just so excited to offer more breads that Dinie told me to slow down and offer only Bagels until we sort out kinks when we start the business. That is actually logical thinking, (that cap is usually mine :p) so, to start in these next few weeks, we will be offering our range of fresh and frozen bagels!

Can’t wait for the first order! So excited!

Yay! Our logo!

Alrighty! We have a logo! And starting to look like a ‘real’ bakery, lol! Gonna start publishing our facebook page, currently it is still unpublished because I haven’t uploaded any kind of profile picture.


This will be our profile picture on facebook for now 🙂

Our logo is almost complete!

Alright! Some hand drawn logo making in motion! Can’t wait to show Dinie these drawings 🙂 Surprisingly my hands aren’t that awkward with the pencil even though I haven’t done any drawing for like gazillion years. Hopefully he says it’s OK and I can progress to AI.


2nd Day of Shoot! Hooray!

Alright! Family portrait check!! We managed to do a breakfast picnic on the patio and lo and behold! The camera battery just went kaput! I used Dinie’s hp to snap a few pictures on the picnic ‘set’.

Managed to charge the battery just a bit for our last shoot, the family portrait and individual portraits. Got some extremely ugly shots of ourselves (which I will NOT be posting) but got one of each a decent looking picture of us. Gahhh! Which is why, professional photography shoots are loooooooooooooooooong. OK?


The spidey taking a break from hero work to enjoy some bagels with the family 🙂


Quickly trying to snap a photo before it’s all gone!

OK, first shoot day!

Managed to get an impromptu shoot day so I can upload some content on the website. It is just so super unfortunate that the camera’s battery kept dying! Mental note: Buy new batteries, and card reader! Where did it go?! I also realised that I have ran out salad, of all the things! Aiii… just tomatoes will do, and I prop up with some watercress to add some colour. Err, yea, watercress does not really taste good eating raw, but you can try it, really. 😉


Seri wants to join in decorating the setup. (and put it in her mouth!)


Our kitchen at home. Believe it or not, Dinie made that counter!

OK, website is almost complete…

Yeay!! The website is almost complete! Now, to register our domain, and… oh wait! Logo! Where is the logo? Okay, I better come up with something now for the website or I just can’t publish it right? aii…

Oh and, I need to take photos! Lots of them! My camera phone has the worst quality!  So this point and shoot will do, I just cannot chuck the kids any where right now (so just cannot bring out the dslr and have a proper set up) and I hope they would be so, so kind to let me do the work I need to do to kick off the website. Please children, be nice. Mommy need to get this done alright? *alright! says the tiny voices…


Our point and shoot. Actually, this is my mom’s camera, a lucky prize.