Hi! I am Ruza, and next to me (after the two little people) is Nordinie, and together we are The Bread Fox! We bake using organic flour and we try to source for organic ingredients when it is possible. We send our breads daily (except on week ends) in the areas of Damansara Heights, Bukit Damansara, Hartamas and Mont. Kiara.

We were from the production line (Me; video stuff, Dinie; Commercials; Me+Dinie; Photography) until we decided to find a different way of living for our family and at the same time able to get food on the table. We would love to share the breads that we bake for ourselves to everyone and would love to have a chat with you too!


Nordinie bin Mahat

I have to say that I had never imagined myself to be a baker, even more starting a bakery! But as time progress, my priorities has shifted as we wanted to enjoy our young family and grow (old) together. With guidance and support from Mr. Mustafa and wife Pn. Mardia of White Brick Oven, I’ve learned to … Continue reading Nordinie bin Mahat

Ruza Jajuli

When I was a child, I had bronchitis and it was always triggered by artificial flavours and colouring. I was pretty much deprived of ice-cream, sodas, junk food… (you name it…) My mom, then always baked everything from birthday cakes to pizzas! Perhaps due to that, I usually go for the simpler option, home cooked preferred and … Continue reading Ruza Jajuli

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