Tesco Online & Organic

I was pretty excited when Tesco had an Organic section on its online store just now…


Organic section in groceries right under Jam, Spreads & Honey.

So, I immediately went to see what’s there. I know in their physical store at Mutiara Damansara, they have an Organic Fresh Produce section, but it is not available online. Spinach is also not available online! Strange eh? Anyway, I clicked it and wallah!


What an interesting selection!

Wow! Two items! There are 2 items under Organic Food. Two bags of rice from Cambodia. lol! Anyway, it is kinda interesting, after chuckling to myself I told Dinie about it and we are trying the 2 in 1 rice. I think it is half white and half brown. Will let you know what it looks and taste like.

Salam Ramadhan, Ruza.

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