Mother’s Day 2016

It is Mother’s Day and aren’t I excited! It would be my 4th Mother’s Day (May the 4th be with you? LOL) celebration as a mother myself and we will be celebrating with other mothers in the family! Foodinie baked a Sun Burst Apple Pie for us to enjoy, it is on the acidic side on the grand scale of tartness so it paired just nice with a dab of ice-cream!

Our renovation will resume on Monday and hopefully we would be on our last leg of the journey, despite some set backs. I mean, what is life with out a surprise twist in the arm right? :p

Have an awesome Sunday and Happy Mother’s day to ALL mothers, biological, non-biological, mother-figures, aunties and those sisters who are like mothers to their siblings, we love and salute you all! Mmmmuah!

Lots of motherly love, Ruza.


Sun Burst Apple Pie for all!

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