A .com and a name card!

Yay! Had an awesome busy day today! We were out sourcing more organic products to be included in our bread, and miraculously I actually managed to get the http://www.thebreadfox.com domain sorted out early in the morning! Yeehaaa! And, managed to print out some name cards! woohoo! Buying domain on wordpress means I get some email address forwarding option, hence you can email us at baker@thebreadfox.com now! 🙂

I was bickering with Dinie on what position I should officially declare myself as. Dinie said it should be ‘Manager’. But, I felt that just having the word ‘Manager’ there sounds like I am hired to manage the bakery, lol. So he said, then, put ‘Owner’ lah. And I’m like, then it sounds like I own it, but I don’t do anything. So then, he said ‘Owner / Manager’. And, I have googled upside down, but we ran out of time because we need to do stuff, and so I just end up with that post. I kinda like ‘Chieftain’, but, Dinie thinks most people would want me to clarify to them if they see it on the card. So ‘Owner / Manager’ is self explanatory. I then just need to explain what is ‘Artisan Bread’. I am expecting some “Roti pun ada artist ka?” remarks from the masses. So, I need to figure out how to explain it, in two languages. Just to cover my bases.

Need to brush up my talking skills, god knows how rusty I am.

Have a good night!

Yours truly,

Ruza Jajuli – Owner / Manager of the Bread Fox. :p (Chieftan of the Bread Fox lagi bestla)


Our first name card! Sorry for the grain, handphone lah.

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