Hi! I am Ruza, and next to me (after the two little people) is Nordinie, and together we are The Bread Fox! We bake using organic flour and we try to source for organic ingredients when it is possible. Apart from quick breads (these are bread raised from organic aluminium free baking powder or soda) we love love loveeeeee sourdough! We cultivated our own culture and make our breads with them! Currently we are exploring new types of breads, and, giving them our Bread Fox twist! Hahahah! That is part of the artisan aspect of our work and we hope you would enjoy the breads as much as we do! 

We were from the production line (Me; video stuff, Dinie; Commercials; Me+Dinie; Photography) until we decided to find a different way of living for our family and at the same time able to get food on the table. Currently we send our Sourdough Whole Wheat Loaf on Tuesdays to Matahari Organic in SS23 and The Hive Bulk Foods in Bangsar (The Hive is a zero waste store, so please bring your own container). On Saturdays we send to Opika in One Utama and The Hive.

You can also meet us at TTDI Park in the weekends when you pick up your breads! So, see you there!

Ruza Jajuli
Owner / Manager

I don’t do much baking, but I would be the one who pickup the calls and run the operation as smooth possible. So call me, maybe? Ha ha ha!

Nordinie bin Mahat

With guidance and support from Mr. Mustafa and wife Pn. Mardia of White Brick Oven, I’ve learned to make better bread for my family, and I would like to share that with the neighbourhood.

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  1. O.V.A.Faizal says:

    Just read online about your Bakery from the article written by Kasmiah in New Straight Times (NST) today. I am in Saudi Arabia and visits Malaysia often. I will be in Malaysia in June. And my tentative plan is to visit there from 21 to 29 June after the Eidul Fitr holidays. I hope during this time you will be able to spare time to talk to you and try your products and discuss more in detail

    Thank you
    Best Regards

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