Our Cold Room is back running!


Great news! Our cold room is back up and it means we are running as usual! In the end, there wasn’t anything wrong with our air-cond nor our Coolbot, it was the MCB? <– ermm…? The little fuse like thingy, which the air-cond guy switch to another one and everything was good.

Btw, we have been calling Max, the guy who’s team installed our air-cond and they have been crazy helpful. They are Sabahan and we felt they are so prompt in their service that I need to tell people about them! I called them in the afternoon, they came around 4pm! Max’s number is 0125917113 and Rayner’s is 0126507113. They are of the same team.

Alright! Spirit up! And the weekend is here! Have an awesome long weekend and Selamat Awal Muharram! Love!

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