Cold Fermentation Breads on Pause.

Oh dear, oh dear…

Just at the sun went down and we had an awesome pizza day (and pretzels day too!), our air-cond for the cold room tripped! And it went on tripping a few times after reset… Also, our fridge in the kitchen had also broken down! Still waiting for the Samsung guy to come back! Argggghhh!

So, for the moment, we have to pause our production of Cold Fermentation Breads, mainly our Bagels, and we have to minus cold fermentation process for the Pretzels. Until, either the Coldroom or our refrigerator goes back online. 🙁

Hopefully tomorrow, both the air-cond guy and fridge guy can come here pronto!

Truly truly sorry guys…

*sigh… and I have cakes to bake!!! (kid’s birthday…. sobs…)

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