We are OPEN!

Can’t believe we are finally open! And it is nerve wrecking! OMG! Last Friday was a blast! So many people congratulated us via Whatsapp, but come Saturday and Sunday! Phew! Boy am I glad that we managed to deliver all our orders of freshly baked organic breads, mainly pretzels, bagels and scones. I have been trying to promote our, well, kinda limited breads for now, I mean, we are still ironing our back-end process, the bakery, still have furniture to bring in, we need to put up our PVC curtains and re-insulate our coldroom air-cond pipe.

BUT! There are sales and orders and I am happy… until my kitchen fridge needs to be fixed… and now I need more sales! No orders any more!? Oh no!!!

With the power of positivity I am trying Facebook Ads.

RM 6 for 2 days. I know, I know… Starbucks cost more than that, but my budget extremely limited right now!

I think I waited for ten minutes or something and it was approved! I actually re-posted a photo with no captions, because apparently lesser text can sell more on FB. Well… lets see.

OK! Lets go! But Zero post reach! Maybe I need to wait hmm? Please please, more orders…

We are spending almost 1k on our broken fridge! Aaaargh, money not well spent, why Samsung, whyyyyy!?

Anyway, lets see how this week turns up!

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