Coldroom set and our first P.O.!

Yahooo!!! We have done the coldroom! Check out the super ceiling! Hopefully no one feels the cold when they walk upstairs! We also put more insulation layer at the wall the air-cond directly hit. Now Dinie needs to fix the piping insulation. For some reason the air-cond guys put a different type of insulation at the end of the pipe, and that is causing the condensation. They ran out of the black insulation pipe maybe? Hmmm… Sloppy contractor works is soooo hampeh! It is all fine on the black insulation, but there’s water at the grey ones.

We also have sent out first P.O.! Yeay! We would be receiving our organic flours this coming Saturday, just enough time to try out the flour for the breads.

Exciting times ahead!

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