Patching up the Coldroom!

Alright! Our D.I.Y. coldroom, and really, Dinie really did it himself, mostly, we had help from Azlan on our Coolbot installation and, I helped him to hold on a wall thing today! But the rest, really Do-It-Yourself! Salute to Dinie!

So we made another layer of this aluminium wall and in between them spray foam this Healty spray foam. The spray foam kinda look delicious, like, some creamy cheese, except for the smell… Must never use this near children, they might be tempted to eat it!

We used what ever we can salvage around the house, because our BUDGET IS GONE! Huhuhu…. Hopefully once Dinie tape up the air-cond pipe with that black insulation thing, we won’t have any condensation issues anymore. And we can begin stocking up the Coldroom! Woohoooo!

And really, I had emailed 10 suppliers, 1 replied, and another one auto-reply. Merdeka holiday is it? Have to go the old school way by calling, I guess, would have to do that the first day of next month!

Happy Merdeka! The 59th already? Wow! Next year must do a mega-merdeka celebration!

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