The Bread Fox’s Account!

Yahhoooo! It is a great feeling to bank that 1k of cash to open up our very own account! The account is under Bread Fox Bakery. Why? Because when I wanted to register at SSM they said that you are not allowed ‘the’ as the name of the business and the lady says having the word ‘Bakery’ makes it clear to the nature of your business. So then it became Bread Fox Bakery! She said, you can still have ‘The Bread Fox’ as a brand name, but not as business name.

So, there you have it! Which is why, our business name is Bread Fox Bakery not The Bread Fox. Either one sounds good to me! And now we have a CIMB Bank Account! Yahooo! Hopefully accounting is easier for me? Rather than have it all in my personal account.

The staff at the bank was great, although I was asked twice if I make Raya cookies. Perhaps, I should!

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